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Environmental Management & Consulting

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The Fleming Lee Shue (FLS) team of engineers, geologists and environmental professionals specialize in understanding federal, state and local regulations that drive remediation. We are experts at navigating the requirements of the various regulatory agencies in New York City and New York State.

FLS has successfully completed hundreds of projects due to our deep understanding of New York City history and regulatory requirements. These projects include some of the largest and most complicated remediation sites in the New York City area. FLS applies a full range of remedial technologies such as enhanced bioremediation technologies, ISCO delivered by pressure pulse technologies, ISS, and Electronic Resistivity Heating.

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Our Mission

We understand the needs of our clients, their projects, and conditions that affect cost and/or completion schedules. Our focused approach results in timely and practical solutions to development contamination issues.

"Our philosophy is to reduce the time to obtain approvals, thus allowing construction to start and be completed with minimal delays."

Vicki Lee Shue, CEO

"We implement our philosophy via comprehensive tailored project plans. Our experience with architects and engineers allows us to translate each client's complex environmental restrictions into practical solutions using traditional construction and scheduling techniques."

Arnold F. Fleming, President