Long Island City BCP Sites

Long Island City, New York

View of the Long Island City skyline facing west.

These three NYS Brownfield Cleanup Program (BCP) sites make up a nearly 3-acre property located in an urban area of Long Island City, New York. The Site was used for heavy industrial operations including metal works, chemical storage, and chemical manufacturing for over 60 years and is considered one of the largest and most complex BCP sites in NY State. The property was divided into three sites and entered into the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC).  Brownfield Cleanup Program. In addition, each site is zoned with an “e” designation for hazardous materials, noise receptors and air quality (E-142).  FLS was contracted as the lead environmental consultant to oversee and direct all remediation efforts and navigate the project through the BCP program requirements. FLS conducted the remedial investigation, oversaw all remediation efforts conducted concurrently with Site development, liaised with NYSDEC to procure Certificates of Completion (COC) and is currently conducting post-remedial monitoring services pursuant with the approved Site Management Plans.

FLS conducted a remedial investigation and prepared Remedial Investigation Reports, Interim Remedial Measure Work Plans and/or Remedial Action Work Plans for each of the three BCP Sites.  FLS directed the remediation according to the NYSDEC-approved Interim Remedial Measure Work Plans and Remedial Action Work Plan(s), which detailed the Site remedy and development plan, high-rise mixed use commercial and residential towers, accessory buildings and parking garages. Community Air Monitoring was conducted to ensure health and safety of the workers and surrounding community. The contaminated soils were excavated until applicable Soil Cleanup Objectives were achieved or bedrock was encountered. In Situ Soil Stabilization was employed where excavation was impracticable. FLS also designed Engineering Controls for the Site including a subsurface barrier wall, sub-slab depressurization system, a free product recovery system, and a capture well system designed to prevent off-Site contaminant migration.

In coordination with NYSDEC, FLS facilitated the approval of the Final Engineering Report for each BCP site and the issuance of the Certificates of Completion. FLS composed the Site Management Report (SMP) for each BCP site and continues to oversee SMP activities and monitoring including O&M of the remedial systems and annual certifications of the Site’s engineering and institutional controls.