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Fleming Lee Shue (FLS) is award-winning environmental consulting firm providing specialized environmental management and consulting services to private and public sectors clients since 2002

Recognized as an innovation leader with a proven record of anticipating and resolving unique challenges with an experienced professional staff with cumulative experience of over 150 years. Our clients have benefited from our thorough understanding of the complexity of New York City, New York State and New Jersey regulations and the intricacies of historical land use.

Over 20 Years of Excellence

Providing comprehensive and innovative solutions to complex environmental issues.
Extensive knowledge and expertise in many facets of environmental services

FLS leverages our broad-based experience and technical knowledge to resolve the issues that affect our clients.  FLS provides comprehensive professional and field services to identify, prevent, and resolve engineering and environmental issues related to surface water, soil, groundwater, air quality, and permitting issues. We understand the crucial issue in approaching any project is to understand the nature of the client’s deal.  Understanding our clients’ goals and needs FLS has been able to effectively remediate environmental impacts and meet the client’s needs.

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Our staff includes Professional Engineers, Geologists, and Environmental Scientists.

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We are dedicated to our customers, understanding their project and each client’s needs.

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Technical experts providing cost-efficient and innovative solutions unique to the tri-state area industrial and manufacturing history.

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From project inception to completion our team of scientists, engineers, geologists and environmental professionals deliver to our clients the most advanced and innovative remediation solutions to complex issues.  




Long Island City Former Staple Manufacturer

FLS is leading the innovative remediation of a 78,400-square foot property historically occupied by a staple manufacturer. The operations involved the use of chlorinated solvents which were identified in soil, groundwater and soil vapor. Remedial attempts under NYS Voluntary Cleanup Program by previous consultants from 2000 to 2010 failed due to complex geology and subsurface conditions. FLS was brought on and started with further investigations to prepare a comprehensive Site Conceptual Model. Based on this information, FLS selected Electrical Resistive Heating (ERH) as the best remedial option and got it approved by NYSDEC.  ERH removed an appreciable amount of TCE mass, but did not achieve the TCE groundwater cleanup goal. FLS is pursuing enhanced microbial degradation to bring the Site to the mandated groundwater cleanup goal.  

Queens West Waterfront Development

FLS worked with the Queens West Development Corporation on revitalizing a 74-acre area of the waterfront in Long Island City with a mixed commercial/residential development through the NYSDEC Brownfield Cleanup Program.  The area was historically used for heavy industry including an oil terminal and roofing tar manufacturer leading to significant contamination. FLS provided guidance on environmental issues associated with all aspects of site investigation, remediation, permitting and redevelopment. Several complex site-specific challenges were overcome and a new remedial technology was successfully applied. FLS was awarded a NYC Big Apple Brownfield Award   for its work on this project.

Penn Station Access Project

The approximately 15-mile site stretches from Westchester, through the Bronx and into Woodside Queens along Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) Hell Gate rail line. Plans include the development of four new passenger stations along the Hell Gate line, which connects to the Long Island Rail Road for direct access into Penn Station. FLS conducted extensive research into every current and historic site along the 15-mile corridor to produce a list of areas of concern, and sites with recognized environmental concerns. In addition, FLS composed the Hazardous Materials chapter, included in the Environmental Assessment

Seaside Park and Amphitheater

The 3-acre site is located in Coney Island and was redeveloped into a public park and amphitheater.  FLS completed the site investigation, developed the remedial plan and oversaw implementation under the NYCOER “e” Designation program for hazardous materials. The site Remediation options for the contaminated historic fill were limited by the nearby shoreline and stringent community air monitoring was required due to the adjacent public boardwalk. FLS facilitated the import of almost 16,500 tons of clean soil for the amphitheater under the New York City Clean Soil Bank program free of charge, providing significant cost savings for the developer. FLS was awarded a Big Apple Brownfield Award for its work on this project.

Long Island City Brownfield Developments

A 2.9-acre former chemical manufacturer in Long Island City was redeveloped with three mixed-use commercial and residential towers under the NYSDEC Brownfield Cleanup Program as three separate Brownfield sites.  Remediation occurred simultaneously with development creating extremely tight schedule constraints. FLS was the lead consultant and oversaw cleanup of all storage tanks, chemical vaults, excavation of over 120,000 tons of highly impacted soil, in-situ soil stabilization and free product recovery.  FLS designed engineering controls including vapor mitigation and hydraulic control systems and obtained all three Certificates of Completion while maximizing our client’s eligibility for NYS tax credits.  This was among the largest and most complicated Brownfield sites in New York State.     


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